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Compassionate Career Coaching


Does This Sound Like You?

  • My job is just not fulfilling anymore.
  • I’ve really screwed up my career.
  • I feel like something is holding me back.
  • I know what I want but I don’t know how to get there.

Are You Ready for a Career Change?

Feeling like you are stuck in a job or a career path that is not right for you can be a miserable experience. I’ve got great news. It does not have to stay that way! Together we can help you make the decisions and changes it take to be on a new career path. We will go beyond the usual “skills assessment” or “personality inventory” to really hone in on the career path that’s right for you. Together we will:

  • Determine your next career path.
  • Map out a long and short term plan.
  • Stay accountable to make it happen.
“I wanted to thank you again for the pre-interview counsel. It was very helpful and I got the job! I start on Monday. Thank you very much for your support throughout the process.”
Melissa Tom
I just made a critical decision in my career path and accepted a new job! With your help I was able to make the choice that was aligned with my overall life purpose. Thanks Dr. C!
Peter Rhodes, CodeUp Graduate
“I was an experienced professional that recently added a new skill set and was looking for guidance in my career. With my mind running in so many directions, Cynthia was a life-saver. She helped me evaluate my skills, experience and passions to identify what was really important to me, what that looked like and how to use a longterm goal as motivation for making the commitments and sacrifices needed to get there. She gave my jumble of ideas direction and I left every meeting with a list of actionable strategies. She challenged me to second guess my assumptions and reminded me not to neglect my “self care”. Beyond our scheduled appointments, Cynthia was generous with her own network of contacts, connecting me to those she felt could help in my quest. I always felt she was genuinely invested in my success and I’m thankful to know and have learned from her.”
Crystal Wyrick











Compassionate Career Coaching


What is It?

Compassionate Career Coaching is a customized process developed by Dr. Cynthia Phelps and uses a combination of techniques to get you where you want to go in life. It’s easy to know that you are dissatisfied with your current job, but it’s much harder to figure out what career path is right for you and then take the steps needed to make it happen.

Compassionate Career Coaching is based on research in Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavior Change. We will use a process to help you determine your long and short term goals based on your own distinctive needs and preferences. Accountability processes will ensure that you stay the course to ake real change happen.

Coaching is different from therapy in that it guides you to solve immediate problems, and stays focused on the present state of your life. Coaching is a highly practical process to get you the life you want. Compassionate Career Coaching helps you to improve your relationship with yourself, so you can reap all of the benefits of having high self-compassion.

What Can I Expect?

During the coaching process we will meet weekly and set goals to plot our your career trajectory and improve your life. Each week we will assess our progress, talk about shifting priorities, solve problems, engage in an exercise to improve your internal relationship with yourself, and set new goals for the next week.

Typically each coaching session will last an hour and you will be provided with a short summary of the session and a set of things to accomplish before the next session. Coaching can be done face-to-face if you are located in San Antonio, or over Skype or by phone.

How Much Does it Cost?

Free 30 minute Consult.

Coaching Package – 6 session 6 weeks $499
The coaching package comes with:

  • Progress tracking with pre and post testing.
  • Customized coaching plan based on your goals, strengths and challenges.
  • Weekly email with your explorations for the week.
  • OMG insurance – a 15 minute call to use when you are really struggling.

Make a declaration: “I’m ready for change.” Commit to a package now!

Session by session coaching is $100 per hour.
Call me today – 713-478-4018


Career Coaching and Student Counseling

Dr. Phelps has 14 years combined experience in both Student Counseling and Career Coaching. She started helping professionals change careers as Faculty at UTHealth in Houston, Texas. Working closely with health professionals returning to school to change or shift their careers, she helped coach them through their transition. As an entrepreneur, she continued to pick up calls from people who needed some support, guidance or help in finding a new career path. In 2012, she incorporated her experience into a coaching process that can help anyone improve their relationship with themselves as a first step toward the practical process of career change. You are a good candidate for compassionate career coaching if you tend to have unreasonable expectations of yourself, or are hard on yourself. Dr. Phelps specializes in the career areas of health, science and technology, but will work with other clients if they are a good fit.