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Let’s make the inside of you a great place to live!

Welcome, I’m Dr. Cynthia Phelps

My quest in life is to help people who are tortured by:

  • a cruel or critical inner voice
  • harsh ruminating thoughts
  • anxiety and fear
  • debilitating perfectionism
  • unhelpful coping strategies

Should we work together?

Do you recognize yourself below? Clients that identify with the characteristics below benefit most from InnerAlly coaching and classes.

Book A Breakthrough Call

I offer a free 30-minute Breakthrough call to give you a taste of the InnerAlly process. This is a coaching call, where we will address the issue of your choice.

Intake Form

Filling out the intake form will allow me to get to know you and the issues you want to address so we can really jump into the free 30 minute coaching session.

Breakthrough Call

In this free 30 minute coaching session we will explore if you are a good fit for the InnerAlly process, and address an issue of your choice.

Coaching Agreement

The next step is to sign the coaching agreement which explains the InnerAlly Coaching process and provides you privacy and other protections.

Pay & Schedule 

Payment can be made with credit cards, Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.  We will schedule a time to meet weekly for the next 6 weeks.

The InnerAlly Process

Having an InnerAlly means you have a friend on the inside. It means you have a kind and supportive relationship with yourself. I will help you:

  1. Determine your core emotional superpowers
  2. Track your unhelpful and critical thoughts
  3. Use the InnerAlly characters to help you create customized compassionate inner language to support yourself
  4. Apply this method to make the transformation in life that you truly desire.

Clients Love InnerAlly

“The InnerAlly course helped me pivot my inner critic to productive inner self talk that totally takes me out of a negative space. Invest in yourself by taking this course! I highly recommend.”

Catherine Lestor


“Working with Dr. Cynthia Phelps has changed my life. In the few short weeks we have done 1:1 coaching, I have experienced mental/emotional healing, received invaluable communication tools for stressful situations and most importantly, a thriving sense of self and inner strength. Thank you Cynthia!”

Alicia Menses Maples

Glass Child Expert/Advocate

“Cynthia, thank you so much for that lovely meditation I was running on empty, ahead of a challenging couple of days. I feel replenished now. Thank you ALL for your community spirit and support.”


Center for Mindful Self Compassion


I offer a variety of classes, workshops and retreats that are all based on making your inner world a better place to be.


InnerAlly coaching takes a deep dive into the problems you are experiencing and uses tools and processes to soothe your soul.


InnerAlly Cards help you practice self-compassionate inner language to support yourself so you can thrive in life.

make your mind a fun place to be

What is InnerAlly Again?

An InnerAlly is an inner voice that is kind, supportive and compassionate during times of struggle. How we speak to ourselves with our inner voice is the bedrock of our relationship with ourselves.

Research shows that if we can be kind and supportive of ourselves, then we are less likely to be depressed, anxious, stressed out, and engaging in unhelpful coping strategies.

The concept of an “InnerAlly” was born when I realized that I only had an inner critic, inner bully and harsh and judgmental innervoices. I knew I needed help to change the way I related to myself, and from there, I created the InnerAlly system.

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