The InnerAlly cards are designed to empower you with inner compassionate language, leading you towards reduced suffering, healing, and growth.

We all want to feel great and thrive in life, but if you have a strong inner critic, it hold can you back. The InnerAlly system is designed to help you figure out how to best support yourself so you can thrive. The InnerAlly cards are key to helping you nurture unmet emotional needs.

We all need the basics; food, water, shelter. But when it comes to emotional needs, we tend to differ based on our life experiences, especially our early childhood experiences.

It’s critical to know how to nurture YOUR OWN emotional needs, which may differ from others. The InnerAlly cards allow you to have a physical manifestation of these needs, and they help you speak to yourself in a way that leads to your healing.

Cards come with a full color PDF with the instructions and expanded examples of compassionate inner phrases that will get you started on your path to inner compassion and all the amazing things associated with it, such and less anxiety, depression, and risk for addiction, and more creativity, innovation and overall feelings of wellbeing.