Inner forgiveness is the process of forgiving that occurs on the *inside* of you. To practice inner forgiveness, you don’t need to make contact with anyone else. This process is personal, just for you, to improve your wellbeing. Inner Forgiveness makes the inside of you a better place to be.

Cozy up to the computer with a cup of tea, becasue we are going to go deep and do some real, tangible healing work.

Is this online mini retreat for you?

  • still thinking about that one thing you said long ago?
  • experiencing non-specific pain in your body?
  • still suffering from something that was done to you?
  • bringing past resentments into new relationships?
  • still feeling disappointed or betrayed?
  • kicking yourself for past choices?

DISPEL THE MYTHS – Remove Barriers
If you are hung up on the idea of forgiveness being a negative thing for you then you will not be able to effectively move forward. Luckily, there are some very common misconceptions about forgiveness, and when we dispel these, give you permission to forgive, and get on your way to freedom.

CLEAR THE PATH – Soothe Emotions
Forgiveness is a powerful process, so it is no surprise that difficult emotions arise. Dr. Phelps will take you through a visualization to support yourself through the process, and help you work with the difficult and even surprising emotions that arise when you do inner forgiveness.

MARK THE DATE – Create Ceremony
A ceremony is a moment in time that often marks the begging of a transformation. When you forgive you are embarking on a new, more healthy life path. It is critical to mark it in time. You will create a simple ceremony to indicate to yourself your intention of inner forgiveness.

RINSE & REPEAT – Tailor the Practice
Forgiveness is not one-and-done, it is a practice. Having difficult thoughts and emotions is common and normal, and serves for you to re-engage with your commitment to forgive. You will be crafting a personalized self-compassionate phrase to support you on your forgiveness journey.

You deserve to feel amazing on the inside. Don’t let forgiveness ruin it for you!