Sometimes you realize that there is more work to do than a 6 session package can handle. If you are ready to really begin to make the changes in your life that you keep talking about, then the Three Month Coaching Intensive is right for you.

What do people do with the intensive?

  • Release an unhelpful habit
  • Finally get that passion project going
  • Take the leap to start a business
  • Make a major life change

If you are looking for big change, this coaching package is perfect for you. You will meet with Dr. Phelps each week for 1.5 hours, with a 20 minute check-in call during the week.

Month one – In this first month we will assess the current situation, explore how you can best motivate yourself, and learn about your core emotional needs, and your personal values. The first month lays the groundwork for change.

Month two – In the second month we will be making tiny changes and assessing the outcomes. You will learn techniques to help you regulate your emotions, track your behavior, and how to set up a system of habits and rewards to keep you motivated.

Month Three – In the final month we will be creating a custom plan for your long-term success, anticipating the possible failure points and creating a personalized support system to keep you accountable and nurtured.

Why InnerAlly Coaching with Dr. Phelps?

“Over the years I have made several major changes in my life to create the life I truly want to live. I learned that my relationship with myself is the single most important aspect to creating lasting change. Why I realized this, I created the system the I would have wanted when I was first trying to change my life. For years, I was mired in depression, grief, and alcohol misuse. By learning to be my own best support system, I gained the power to change my drinking and my life. I’ll teach you everything I know from working as Faculty at UT-Houston Medical Center in behavior change and in my own hard won experience. Let’s do this!” – Cynthia Phelps, PhD